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  • An alternative to staging domains

    One of the most common practices used when developing a website is to use temporary staging address for development. The problem with this approach is that all references to the staging address need to updated to match the new address when it comes time to go live. Here I will show you two better options.

  • MR Motors: Used Car Dealer

    MR Motors: Used Car Dealer

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    MR Motors is a used car yard in Coffs Harbour. We designed and developed their website. It is fully responsive and includes high defintion graphics and photos for retina screens.

  • Coastal Exhaust & Mechanical Repairs

    Coastal Exhaust & Mechanical Repairs

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    Coastal Exhaust & Mechanical Repairs is a mechanical workshop in Coffs Harbour. They specialize in exhaust systems and suspension. LF Design built their website.

  • Pure CSS Retina Image Replacement

    I researched several of the common approaches used to load retina images. Many use JavaScript but I personally prefer a CSS only method even if that means extra HTML markup so I have developed my own solution.

  • Honeypot: An alternative spam prevention for Perch

    If you use any of Perch addons such as Perch Forms or Perch Blog you will notice the only spam protection that is included is Akismet. In this article I show you how to implement an effective alternative.

  • Perch: a really awesome little CMS

    Perch: a really awesome little CMS

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    Being little is good because little is easy! Perch is easy for me to setup and easy for clients to use. Being simple is its greatest feature. After all, simplicity is the greatest innovation!

  • The downsides of WordPress themes & templates

    The downsides of WordPress themes & templates

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    Purchasing and customizing a pre-built theme for WordPress or other website platforms has its downsides. In this article I outline why I don't use commercial themes for my own clients.

  • Dropbox, please clean up your doodoo

    On Linux, everytime an update fails Dropbox leaves behind a big mess of files in the /tmp partition until there is no space left and they haven't done anything to fix it yet either...

  • The new 960: The 1920 Grid System

    I recently read an article that said web developers need to stop designing to the 960 grid system. That is why I've created a new version of the 960 grid, except this one is 1600px 1920 wide.

  • Rad Guard Australia

    Rad Guard Australia

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    Rad Guard Australia relies prodominately on the internet for its business. They manufacture and sell motorcycle radiator guards and other accessories.

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