Dropbox, please clean up your doodoo

I use Dropbox as part of my deployment strategy. However, I recently discovered a severe flaw in the Linux Dropbox command line client that is setup on my server.

Dropbox is failing to clean up its doodoo. Apprently the Linux client must try to auto-update itself frequently throughout the day. The problem is everytime an update fails Dropbox leaves behind a big mess of files in both the /tmp partition and its hidden cache folder.

This situation went unnoticed until it filled my entire /tmp partition with 1gb of duplicate update folders! The consequence of this left many important services without temporary storage and limited their use. A very undesirable problem that I rectified quickly!

I'm not the only one either. A thread on Dropbox support forum discusses this issue however there has been nothing officially done to resolve the problem and Dropbox seems to be ignoring my support tickets.

I'm not very happy with their "fix it yourself" attitude.

The solution:

Well some users have said they run a cron job to clean up after Dropbox every hour. At this stage I'm trying to figure out why the automatic updates fail to begin with. In the meantime I just turn on the Dropbox daemon when I need it.


Sadly I was unable to figure out why Dropbox cannot update itself. I've resorted to a cron job to clean up the excess files every hour. The response so far from Dropbox has been minimal to say the lest.

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