Ray Benson Motors Coffs Harbour

Ray Benson Motors Coffs Harbour

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Ray Benson Motors is a trusted used car dealership in Coffs Harbour. They are one of my earliest clients and I worked on their website even before launching LF Design.

The problem:

Before I made and changes their website couldn't be found for any search terms other than their own business name. If someone was to hop on Google and type in something like "used cars coffs harbour" their website wouldn't even show up...but their biggest competitors would. So I was asked to improve the website and its search ranking.

Ray Benson Motors utilize a third party solution for tracking and listing their vehicles. It uploads to their website and other car sales directories. However, the original website implemented this as what web designers call an iframe. An iframe is a simple way to display a web page within another but the contents of the inner page do not get indexed as part of same website.

The solution:

To overcome this problem I wrote an advanced PHP script to download the vehicle listings from the third party and then encode the contents directly into RayBensonMotors.com.

This script had to do a few things to work properly:

  • Know what pages to download. (Not as simple as it seams)
  • Extract the contents of the page.
  • Rewrite every link to work with itself.
  • Cache the results for performance.
  • Style the contents correctly.

The results:

Ray Benson Motors is now listed ahead of its competitors for almost every search term related to used cars in Coffs Harbour.

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