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  • Honeypot: An alternative spam prevention for Perch

    If you use any of Perch addons such as Perch Forms or Perch Blog you will notice the only spam protection that is included is Akismet. In this article I show you how to implement an effective alternative.

  • Perch: a really awesome little CMS

    Perch: a really awesome little CMS

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    Being little is good because little is easy! Perch is easy for me to setup and easy for clients to use. Being simple is its greatest feature. After all, simplicity is the greatest innovation!

  • North Coast Christmas Trees

    North Coast Christmas Trees

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    Coramba Farms asked LF Design to create a website that reaches a local seasonal audience. They now rank first in searches for christmas trees in the serviced area.

  • ecoliving design Bellingen

    ecoliving design Bellingen

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    Luke was helpful, came up with some good ideas, listened to everything we said, did his best to fulfil our request on time, his suggestion of the CMS was good, we like the website.

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